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* Update the mirror-pool-dispatcher submodule.intrigeri2016-05-231-0/+0
* Update the mirror-pool-dispatcher submodule.intrigeri2016-05-211-0/+0
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into feature/11123-new-mirror-poolintrigeri2016-05-211-0/+0
| * Move bridge-obfs4.tmpl into the Chutney submodule.anonym2016-05-111-0/+0
| * Add our temporary Chutney fork as a Git submodule.anonym2016-05-111-0/+0
* | Update mirror-pool-dispatcher.intrigeri2016-05-041-0/+0
* | Add mirror-pool-dispatcher as a Git submodule.intrigeri2016-04-291-0/+0
* check_po: ignore more plural forms -related errors.intrigeri2016-02-291-0/+0
* check_po: ignore codomain-error-in-plural-forms errors.intrigeri2016-02-291-0/+0
* check_po: also exit with !0 when there is one single error.intrigeri2016-02-291-0/+0
* Update the jenkins-tools submodule: adjust check_po for newer i18nspector.intrigeri2016-02-131-0/+0
* Update jenkins-tools submodule: check_po bugfix.intrigeri2015-12-191-0/+0
* Update jenkins-tools submodule.intrigeri2015-11-301-0/+0
* Update pytholib module.bertagaz2015-10-151-0/+0
* Update the pythonlib submodule.intrigeri2015-08-251-0/+0
* Add the jenkins-tools repository as a Git submodule.intrigeri2015-06-121-0/+0
* Add our Python library as a Git submodule.intrigeri2015-04-161-0/+0