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* Update to vagrant build box tails-builder-20141201 (Closes: 7644).Tails developers2014-12-011-4/+4
* Updated Vagrant basebox.Tails developers2014-07-101-4/+4
* Migrate Vagrant basebox to Debian Wheezy (Closes #7133, #6736).Tails developers2014-07-101-4/+4
* Drop duplicate copyright notices: vagrant/* is under the same license as the ...Tails developers2013-12-211-1/+0
* Remove spurious trailing whitespace introduced by this branch.Tails developers2013-12-211-2/+2
* fixes for vagrant v2 (1.3.5) - Version tested via vagrant_version: vagrant_ol...David Isaac Wolinsky2013-12-211-9/+25
* Update Vagrant basebox checksum.Tails developers2013-12-211-1/+1
* vagrant: Add support for virtual CPUs build settingsTails developers2012-05-161-0/+3
* vagrant: Add suport for in-memory build settingsTails developers2012-05-161-0/+9
* vagrant: Support http_proxy during VM provisioningTails developers2012-05-161-1/+1
* vagrant: Add task to create our squeeze baseboxTails developers2012-05-161-9/+3
* vagrant: Download and verify from Tails mirrorTails developers2012-05-161-0/+13
* vagrant: Add license heaader to VagrantfileTails developers2012-05-161-0/+16
* vagrant: Import initial research from todo/build_with_vagrantTails developers2012-05-161-0/+10