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* Update our OpenPGP signing key (refs: #14484).intrigeri2018-09-011-6495/+11317
* Import updated signing key (refs: #14583).intrigeri2017-09-181-6337/+6653
* Include new Tails signing subkeys (refs: #14483).intrigeri2017-09-011-3087/+9607
* Re-export signing key after fetching recent certifications from the keyservers.intrigeri2016-08-301-5730/+6787
* Update signing key.anonym2016-08-301-3389/+5920
* Update signing key with more certifications.intrigeri2016-03-081-1271/+3449
* Update the Tails signing key after revoking an unused subkey.anonym2015-10-291-237/+262
* Update the Tails signing key.anonym2015-10-271-93/+1223
* Only ship our new signing key, adjust whatever is needed in our code.Tails developers2015-02-081-2072/+150
* Update email and signing key.Tails developers2015-01-181-1459/+561
* Update OpenPGP keys.Tails developers2014-08-031-1425/+1489
* Update signing key.Tails developers2014-07-201-687/+2312
* Update public OpenPGP keys (more certifications!)Tails developers2014-01-031-498/+806
* Import updated pubkeys.Tails developers2013-09-061-447/+945
* Update Tails signing keyTails developers2012-10-041-288/+446
* Import more signatures on the Tails signing key.Tails developers2012-07-051-64/+271
* Import updated signing key.Tails developers2011-06-131-55/+98
* Remove the mailing list key from tails-signing.keyTails developers2011-06-121-196/+66
* Tails' key → Tails signing keyTails developers2011-05-261-0/+200