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| | | | Replicating the work done on 123dbe3153.
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|/ | | | | | | | | They don't have much navigation so people coming from search engines might be lost. Also, see the steps without seeing the overview would be a handicap. It's a shame because the installation scenarios are well referenced by search engines.
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| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Originally, the reasons for it was to make it possible to use bold and underline on some words in the titles. But: - Expert UX review told us that underline text was very often confused with links, while these titles are not clickable. - Bold is meant to easy scanning in text but headings should be themselves short enough not to need additional scanning. - They were style and aligned differently that everywhere else on our website and this inconsistency was no backed up with any good argument. - Their content was 100% duplicate from [[!meta title and already caused painful maintenance work. So let's get rid of them, simplify our code, reduce content duplication, and increase style consistency.
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That we have breadcrumbs instead of 'Back' buttons, the previous layout ($scenario/overview) created a parent link to the steps for this scenario: install » linux » usb » Install from Linux: overview This commit makes them: install » linux » Install from Linux: overview This will be especially useful for the upcoming download pages...