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* Resign "supported" UDFs with one of the new subkeys.anonym2018-01-041-13/+13
* Restore UDFs used by automated tests.intrigeri2018-01-038-0/+129
* Remove UDFs that are more than 1 year old.intrigeri2018-01-038-129/+0
* Also publish the incremental upgrade used in the test suite on the alpha chan...anonym2017-02-012-13/+28
* Add UDFs for 1.0~test to 1.1~test for amd64.anonym2017-01-304-0/+57
* Fix a few issues with the test IUK.anonym2016-05-232-15/+15
* Add UDFs used for our upcoming automated test.anonym2016-05-234-0/+57