Some of this blueprint is obsolete.
[[!toc levels=2]] # Rationale Tails should be usable by every [[target user|contribute/design]], regardless of their abilities or inabilities. Only other key requirements of [[Tails design|contribute/design]] (such as Free Software and maintainability) shall limit this one. Tails therefore needs to ship with accessibility technologies. # Enabling accessibility features These accessibility tools could be enabled at boot time by people who need it, by passing `access=` option(s) to live-boot: access=ACCESS Set the accessibility level for physically or visually impared users. ACCESS must be one of v1, v2, v3, m1, or m2. v1=lesser visual impairment, v2=moderate visual impairment, v3=blindness, m1=minor motor difficulties, m2=moderate motor difficulties. We might want to use the syslinux boot menu to enable accessibility features. However, live-boot 3.0~a27-1 removed this feature: "Removing outdated and broken accessibility script, this will be redone in live-config properly." This did not happen upstream. # Visual Orca does not work with iceweasel yet. Also think of the Unsafe Browser. # Motor live-boot's `access=m1` and `access=m2` options enable various GNOME options suitable for people having motor difficulties. This might be enough. We also probably want to install the `dasher` graphical predictive text input system, that adds eyetracking into the mix. It brings 10MB .deb files in: [[todo/install_dasher]]. # Resources * [[!debwiki accessibility-devel]] * [[!debwiki accessibility]] # Archive: discarded tools ## Compiz We have been told that Compiz is the preferred accessibility solution for some people with sight impairment; such features Compiz includes are: - inverting colors: good for the color blind or those who need better contrast - looking glass: (small area of screen enlarged) good for those who still like to see the whole desktop while working. This one provides some nice graphics too. - magnifier: like looking glass but without the other graphics - sharpen: makes the entire desktop look sharper for better readability - track mouse: (very helpful) it is very easy for a sight impaired person to loose their mouse. this feature helps prevent that. This is much clearer cut than the mouse tracking in gnome-mag. - zoom: magnify the entire desktop On the other hand, Compiz has not been in Debian since Wheezy => discarded.