[[!pagetemplate template="unsafe_browser_warning.tmpl"]] [[!meta title="Warning! The web browser you are currently using is not anonymous!"]]

You are currently using the Unsafe Browser. As its name suggests, the Unsafe Browser's network activity is not anonymous. If you want a safe, anonymous web browser, please shut this browser down immediately and start the following web browser instead: Applications → Internet → Tor Browser.

If you want to login to a captive portal to get Internet access (as is commonly necessary at Internet cafés, libraries, schools and other public places and businesses), try visiting any web site you know of by entering its address in the address field above. The web site you choose should preferably be common to your geographic location in order to raise less suspicion (good examples of such pages are search engines, news papers' home pages and similar). Once you've done that you should be redirected to the login page instead, and once logged in you should have Internet access so that you can start your anonymous activity by using other applications than the Unsafe Browser.

Note that the Unsafe Browser is never anonymous, not even after you have logged in to a captive portal.